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To use your NinjaStik USB with newer models of the Acer Aspire laptops (usually running Windows 7 or 8) you will need to make a quick change to the BIOS settings. This will reboot your computer load the … Immediately press your Acer laptop boot key to enter into Boot Menu, then from the options, choose a USB drive to boot. See: Select the CD-ROM drive as the first boot device. Press F10 key to save your settings and exit BIOS. I bought an Acer Aspire E 15 yesterday and am relatively happy with it thus far. By using this site, you accept Acer's Privacy Policy and the Related Document: How to set your computer to boot from CD/DVD. Check out our Acer Community User Agreement. I have a ACER ASPIRE 4540 and I need to boot a new Windows 7 Home Premium from a dvd. In other words, keep "CD-ROM Drive" on the first order in the priority list. As soon as Acer logo appears, press F2 (or DEL) key immediately and repeatedly until get into BIOS. Acer Community User Agreement. Power off the PC, wait at least a full minute, and then turn on the power. If you have an Acer desktop, then start tapping the Delete key when you turn on your computer to access your BIOS settings. So, what are the rules of this place? When the computer starts, it seems to access the CD but then goes straight to Windows 8. Steps to change boot order Windows 10: Shut down your Acer computer. to get all I restarted, went into the BIOS, and changed the boot order so that the DVD drive would be booted first. Step 1. 4. In order to boot from the USB / DVD we need to enable F12 boot menu and disable the 'Secure Boot' in the BIOS.. please follow the steps below: 1. I went into the BIOS (insydeh20 setup utility) to set the USB/CD ROM as first boot priority and rebooted. The computer BIOS Setup Utility allows you to configure the order that the machine searches physical devices (CD-ROM, DVD, Hard drive, or an external USB drive) for the boot … 1) Plug in USB drive, start/restart you computer. We want to recognize GAMING6698's dedicated efforts in the Acer Community. Change BIOS setting to set Acer computer boot from USB drive. So I chose option 3, the insane option of downloading a password cracker (OPHcrack) and creating a .iso cd to boot from. On Mac: Insert the CD into your computer. Insert the CD, DVD, or BD into your disc drive. Press F2 key to get into the BIOS settings. But after numerous attempts I finally put a Windows 8 installation disc into the CD/DVD drive and sure enough now pressing F12 shows the DVD drive and Windows Boot Manager. The review commended the Swift 5 for its performance, portable design, build quality, Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04. Turn off your Acer Switch 10 or restart it; Click on the power button, To enter into BIOS repeatedly click on F2 key or Del key as soon as the Acer logo appears. removable USB device like a CD/DVD drive. Modern computers allows you to select a bootable CD/DVD-ROM at the startup (BIOS stage). 2. Visit our Product Forums for more current content. Get social and introduce yourself • Older Dell desktops and laptops may instead use. Set Award BIOS to Boot from CD/DVD-ROM. Note: The process will look different on each computer and the screenshots won't look exactly the same. 2. Acer Boot from USB. If the primary partition is not set as "active", then the no bootable … Set computer Boot from CD/DVD on Phoenix Award BIOS: Press Del or other hot keys to enter BIOS … Once you're in the BIOS, use the instructions given at the bottom of the screen to navigate through the BIOS. In case, you have not entered into BIOS restart your Laptop and retry with the F2 or other key provided by the Manufacturer. Register 5. By signing up, I accept the terms of the Acer Privacy Policy. All Rights Reserved, how to set computer to boot from USB Device. It started Windows 10. But occasionally, you may need to boot from a CD, DVD, or USB drive—say, if you’re running a recovery program, or testing out a new operating system like Linux. In this tutorials, we look at the ways to boot from different devices on your UEFI computer. In Boot Sequence move the disk type you want to boot from to 1st order and Press Esc and F10 to save it. Press Entry Key to access BIOS Setup utility. Shut down the computer. Welcome Forum, or learn about our © 2020 Acer Inc. On some Dell Systems you can enter BIOS by pressing F2 key. Set Phoneix BIOS to Boot from CD/DVD disk. • The BIOS on the Acer Altos 600 server uses the, • Older ASUS computers may required you to press the, • Other HP computers may allow access to BIOS using the, • Some of old PCs might require that you press the. 1. I put a linux live CD in. To boot from a CD/DVD, make sure that the CD/DVD-ROM has boot sequence priority over the hard drive. The computer won't boot from the CD. About Acer Nitro 5. To change the boot order in Acer Swift 3 SF314-55, First of all, turn off your Laptop. Then to enter into BIOS press F2 as soon as Acer Logo appears. However, I do have a caveat. 4 Methods to Reset an Acer Laptop with Windows 7/8/10 or Linux If your Acer laptop won’t reset, there is a way out. To change the order Use the F5 or F6 key. Not configured properly in BIOS. The easiest … To do so, slide the CD logo side-up into the CD slot on … Digital Trends gives the Swift 5 a "Recommended Product" award. Please help me. If you want to boot Acer from USB on Windows 10, you’ll need to change the boot order in BIOS. Enable the F12 boot menu in BIOS.....so you can boot DVD or USB If you have an Acer laptop, then start tapping F2 key.....when you turn on computer to access BIOS settings and enable F12 boot menu. Command Prompt. If you want to Reset your PC or access recovery tools...e.g. Press the DOWN ARROW key to select Boot Order. Follow these easy steps to specify the boot sequence to set computer boot from a CD/DVD-ROM. Hello, Acer. On Award BIOS you will see a screen similar to the image below, simply click the DEL key to access to the BIOS. Usually, you boot your computer from its main hard drive, which contains your operating system (like Windows). 2. Secure Boot: Enabled -- I want to disable this to try but find no means to do it. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! We dedicate to providing trusted solutions for users with the freedom to simply enjoy music, photos, videos and more. While I don't mind Windows, I prefer to use a Linux OS. The Boot priority order is as follows before change. Set Phoneix BIOS to Boot from CD/DVD-ROM. Alternatively, navigate to Exit Menu and press Exit Saving Changes (or similarly words) to save your changes and restart your computer. Common Keys to Enter BIOS Setup on Windows Computer, Windows 8 | Windows 7 | Windows Vista | Windows XP | Server 2008 | Server 2003 (32 bit and 64 bit), © 2020 AppGeeker Studio. Change boot-order to boot from USB in Acer Swift 3 SF314-55. 2. And set First Boot Device to CDROM, and set Second/Third Boot Device to HDD-0, Floppy.

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