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Change Before Going Productions. I always welcome people who would like to come and meet my Irish Wolfhounds in person. The Irish Wolfhound’s Origins and History. It is used to hunt wolves and hunting of large animals, deer, wild boar. About the Irish Wolfhound. Answer by Little Coyote It is mentioned, as cú (variously translated as hound, Irish hound, war dog, wolf dog, etc.) Tall, tousled with a strong head, the Irish Wolfhound has a conformation similar to the Greyhound which are capable to run very fast. Source: Wikipedia. Typically a sighthound does not tree or corner it's a quarry, it attacks. An interesting account of hound breeding. The earliest written record of an Irish Wolfhound is from 391 A.D., … German Shepherd Dog, One And The Same As The Alsatian, The Dachshund, An Old And Ancient Breed, Or So It Is Said, A Business School Can Prepare You For Success. in Irish laws, which predate Christianity, and in Irish literature which dates from the 5th century or, in the case of the Sagas, from the old Irish period - AD600-900. Pairs of these massive hounds were considered prized gifts by the royal houses of Europe and Scandinavia from the middle ages to the seventeenth century. The Irish Wolfhound proves an innate friendliness. They are not recommended for apartment living because they thrive in an open space where they can stretch out and live freely 5. The jaws are very long and has a little sharp black nose. First bred to hunt wolves and Elk. Answer by myspiderungoliant I would check to see with your state's fish and game to see if coyote hunting with dogs is even legal in your state. This dog is very large, massive, has an inspiring respect and strong allure. They were also used to hunt elk, boar and wolves. The name Irish wolfhound is quite a recent one but the hound itself goes back far into the mists of time. The Irish word "cu" (meaning "hound") was used to describe warriors and kings. Wolfhound definition: A wolfhound is a type of very large dog. He responds well to training, which is an important issue, given the size. If you want a pet less common than your average …, The German Shepherd Dog race is the best known and …, Irish Wolfhound, A Large Dog For Hunting Wolves. So Irish wolfhound probably aren’t the best wolf hunting dogs. Standing at a shoulder height of nearly three feet, the Irish Wolfhound has a powerful gallup used for tracking down and hunting wolves and large game. Irish wolfhound, tallest of all dog breeds, a keen-sighted hound used in Ireland for many years to hunt wolves and other game. They have small ears, which they wear as the Greyhounds and with a fine texture. TerrificPets.com helps you find puppies for sale from great dog breeders! Some of the animals they were known for hunting were the wolves and wild boars. To kill as quickly and effectively as is possible. THE IRISH Wolfhound is the gentle giant of the canine world. The eyes are dark, coarse hair on top, are lively and expressive. However, crossing them with greyhounds has made them quite adept at coursing coyotes. Mind of his own. They Date Back to Ancient Rome. Nowadays, they are renowned companion dogs. Wolf Hunting in Russia (1910) - WARNING: Viewer Discretion - Disturbing Footage. Originally, it was used in battle to pull enemy warriors from horse-back or chariot, and also for hunting wolves, after which it is named, wild boar, deer and some stories even say, the Giant Irish Elk. Please support our breeders when looking for puppies for sale. It is also used as an excellent guard dog in support and defense. The moder… It is very unlikely that an Irish wolfhound today would kill a wolf. Up to the end of the 17th century, these dogs were used in Ireland to hunt wolves and deer. Even more ironically though, the last wolf in Ireland was killed in 1786 by a back of wolfhounds. The Irish Wolfhound comes in the colors of white, brown, scarlet, gray, black, gray, red and has a height of 81 to 86 centimeters and a minimum of 76 for females. Country/Region of Origin: Ireland. He responds well to training, which is an important issue, given the size. How tall is an Irish wolfhound? Their drive, courage and endurance are what made them such excellent hunting dogs. ... Irish Wolfhound... that's what they're for. Irish Wolfhound puppies for sale, Irish Wolfhound local dog breeders. I only ask cause I knew a woman that bred them and she wouldn’t sell me one because I wanted a dog that could go hunting with me. The Russian wolfhound or borzoi was never used to kill the wolves. Russian Wolf Hunting with dogs DOCUMENTARY. When they first were developed, they were used for hunting large and dangerous game. On the head of the Irish Wolfhound, the eyebrows and beard have a hair that is very rough. Without any more wolves to kill, the Irish wolfhounds that remained were more status symbols than hunters. There was even a period, when the British ruled, when only royalty could own an Irish Wolfhound. The head is large, relatively long having a pointed snout with a small crease between the eyes. Jun 3, 2016 - Funny and Beautiful pictures of Irish Wolfhounds. It is also the tallest of all dog breeds 4. Since 1974 I have used “wolf genes” to strengthen the dog lines I raise (originally shepherd-malamute crosses descended from a remarkable dog I got in 1965), but a little over a year ago I crossed a 3/8 wolf, 5/8 Alaskan malamute with Boudicca, my female Irish wolfhound and produced some amazing puppies. Oliver Cromwell gathered all dogs of this breed of hunting and hunters from huge organization for killing the large number of wolfs that were decimating the UK population. The hunter had to do nothing but come in and pick up a carcass. Once famed for its hunting skills, today the average Irish Wolfhound is more of a cuddly family companion, known for its natural obedience and tracking abilities. As the name implies, they were bred in Ireland and excelled at hunting wolves. It is also used as an excellent guard dog in support and defense. The original dog-type was presumed extinct by most knowledgeable authors but recreated specifically for the canine fancymainly by Captain George A. Graham in the late 19th century. A true gentle giant, the Irish Wolfhound, a member of—you guessed it—the hound group, holds the title of the world’s tallest dog. The Irish Wolfhound is the tallest member of the hound group. The Irish wolfhound is the only hunting dog that did the entire job. The Irish Wolfhound has been a war dog, trained to pull men from horses or chariots. See more ideas about irish wolfhound, wolfhound, irish wolf. The Irish Wolfhound has long been a beloved breed of dog, and can be an amazing companion if allowed the proper space and care. These dogs were often royal presents and were so popular that Oliver Cromwell stopped their export out of Britain. So, they bred these dogs, which originally hunted Irish elk (at the time, not extinct), to help them out. It is a docile and loving dog, intelligent, and exuberant, especially as he is young. Like all sighthounds, it was used to pursue game by speed; it was also famed as a guardian dog, specializing in protection against and for the hunting of wolves. They need fenced yard as they are fond of chasing. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. It is a docile and loving dog, intelligent, and exuberant, especially as he is young. Remember that these were hunting hounds who brought down wolves. Its a once in a lifetime opportunity to come here and see them all in person. The hair is coarse and is long on the body and legs. The Irish Wolfhound, known as Cú Faoil in Irish, is the tallest breed of dog in the world. These dignified dogs were originally brought to Ireland to hunt wolves, with mention in texts from as early as 7000 BC. Irish Wolfhounds were used in war, for guarding property and herds, and for hunting wolves, boar, deer, and elk. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Known for their gentle and loyal personalities. Their weight can reach up to 54.5 kilograms in males and 41 kilograms in females. Wolfhound’s played an important role in the evolution of English civilization. When they first were developed, they were used for hunting large and dangerous game. Although they have many talents, they were first and foremost a hunting dog and still are in their blood. Not to get into a fight. This is partly how they got their name, "wolfhound". The Irish wolfhound was bred to be a hunting dog. Call today 620-289-4244. Back is long enough and the stomach is sucked in. Although they have many talents, they were first and foremost a hunting dog and still are in their blood. Ironically perhaps, the wolfhound was bred to hunt wolves and to protect people from wolves in places like Ireland and Russia. You won’t be taking your dog into battle, nor is it likely that you would prefer the Irish Wolfhound as a modern hunting partner, but you will certainly enjoy the peaceable demeanor and quiet strength that the Irish Wolfhound exudes. Answer by I <3 animals Yes, a wolfhound could most certainly, but wolves are more rugged and were made by the Wild….certainly, they have the upper hand (wolves) now a Borzoi …well they were made to hunt wolves ;) The Irish Wolfhound was always prized for their ferocity and bravery in battle where they were trained to pull the enemy down from their horses and/or out of their chariots. "While Irish Wolfhounds were historically bred to hunt wolves by sight, not scent and to dispatch them to protect their owner’s life and property, and we like to think that our dogs could still perform this function, we disagree that they should be used in the highly contrived "sport" proposed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. They would shake it by the neck until it was dead. as well as to guard the herds and property and hunt elk, deer, boar and wolves. Copyright 2003-2020 TerrificPets.com (an OffLeashMedia Company), PUG & PUGGLE PUPPIES FOR SALE IN QUEENS, NY. Known for its hunting ability, imposing size and exceptional athletic features, the Irish Wolfhound has even influenced poets to write about it. So in an open field, the Irish Wolfhound is capable of killing a pit bull without much … The Irish Wolfhound was coveted for his hunting prowess, particularly in pursuit of the wolf and the gigantic Irish elk. Irish wolfhounds are also famous for their bravery and iron-like temper, features that make them exceptional as guardian dogs, especially against wolves. The Irish Wolfhound is widely regarded as the tallest dog breed in the world. The Irish Wolfhound is a historic sighthound dog breed from Ireland that has, by its presence and substantial size, inspired literature, poetry and mythology. Today, they are mostly kept as house pets, though their size and maintenance requirements prevent them from becoming commonplace. The Irish Wolfhound dog breed is an old breed, likely dating back to the first century BC. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Follow if you love or own Irish Wolfhounds!. In Russian wolf hunts, many dogs would be used. He needs regular exercise to stay fit, whether he seems to want it or not. Unfortunately it does not live a long having a general life expectancy of only a decade. Certainly not as heavy or solidly built as the Great Dane, Irish Wolfhounds are still very big, imposing dogs with a lot of muscles. Irish law stated that only kings and nobles could own these dogs, and the number owned by an individual was a sign of his wealth. The Irish Wolfhound, on the other hand, was bred to go out and kill wolves. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The Irish Wolfhound proves an innate friendliness. Irish Wolfhounds. It is renowned for its quiet manners and gentleness 3. The breed belongs to Ireland and is wolf hunter 2. The Irish Wolfhound does best in a suburban or country home with lots of companionship and room to stretch out. 1. Keep them on least when taking it out for walk because they get attracted to scent and tends to follow them 6. Not to have a competition of stamina. Puppy For SalePUG & PUGGLE PUPPIES FOR SALE IN QUEENS, NYSphynx. The tail is long and slightly curved, medium in thickness, covered with fur. The fairly long neck is strong and muscular, well bent, very prominent breasts which are quite wide. Irish Wolfhounds were used by the Gaelic people in ancient Ireland as hunting dogs, and the first written account of these dogs was by a Roman Consul in 391 AD. The Irish wolfhound was bred to be a hunting dog. Some of the animals they were known for hunting were the wolves and wild boars. Original purpose: hunting wolves (sighthound); possibly originally bred as war dogs. . Name: bred to hunt wolves, called Cú Faoil by ancient Celts. The Irish Wolfhound is the largest of dogs breed for hunting, but its personality makes him a gentle giant. The limbs are long, strong, muscular, moderately long and has rounded feet, with bendy fingers and closed down. The Irish wolfhound was bred to be a hunting dog. Average 32 to 38 inches at the shoulder. The speed and power of this breed should never be underestimated. © It is used to hunt wolves and hunting of large animals, deer, wild boar. They were taught not only to chase the wolf, but to kill it as well. Later, in the 15th century, Irish farmers needed a dog that could help them scare off the wolves that came onto their lands. An ancient breed, first mentioned about the 2nd century ad, it is similar in build to the greyhound but far more powerful.

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