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BDO Horse Community - Discord for horse breeding, training, T9 horses, and racing. It all depends on your skill and gear. They require that you completely max out the unawakened skill before taking the absolute skill. PVE Usage only, nice for quick pulls when grinding. All builds include crystal setup up! The trees might vary for you, due to new exp buffs without skill exp buffs. Sadly, witch and wizard are probably the worst class for the zone. Witch and Wizard weapons are: Staff, Aad Sphera (Witch) / Godr Sphera (Wizard), Dagger, Az’s 0-200 AP Gearing Guide Infographic: (Found on /r/BlackDesertOnline). There are some other quest pieces that you can use from black spirit quests that will last you until you get high enchanted Grunil or Heve armor, too. Shiomizu’s Wizard Combo and Matchup Guide (Doc)[OLD], Witch Awakening Skill Explanation and Tips ( youtube ). It doesn’t change if you’re a boss alt, or PvE, the skills will  remain the same.You get free skill resets before 56, and one more right after awakening. Rabam Swift Earthquake (Level 57): A 30 second cooldown high damage circular AOE skill that inflicts bound in PVE. Healing aura, Healing Lighthouse, Mana Absorption, Teleport, Mind Training, Sage’s Memory, and Speed Spell are the important utility skills to get. For 2 crystal armors, the easiest way is two Magic Crystal of Infinity – Memory in your helmet for speed, and two Magic Crystal of Infinity – Valor in your gloves for crit. for self. Your bot server is on the right and can be running on either your personal computer or an official hosted server that runs 24/7. There is a dearth of capital for development in public markets and fund managers are moving away from mining for reputational reasons”. In BDO, support type classes aren’t really a thing, though we do have important buffs for group PvP. The same buff/debuff can’t be applied at the same time, unless one is from a skill main effect. Another group PVE content, considered lesser compared to Mirumok but is for a 5 man party. This is the only undetected BDO Bot that will help you grinding and also while you are sleeping/working or simply afk enjoying your life :). Ok tier are Warrior, archer, tamer, musa, maewha, ninja, kuno. They will work for PvP or PvE. BDO Classes Tier List & Rankings ——— via Character Creation Stat Map ——— Classes in BDO are gender locked. for self. Good luck, have fun, and most importantly, always enchant with backups. You shouldn’t worry about absolute skills until you have 1600 SP anyway. Witch and Wizard are strong in group fights, where AoEs do a lot of damage, and super armor protects us from incoming hits. The high accuracy and damage on skills allows us more flexibility for other builds compared to other classes, but we still need AP need to deal damage. – Pushing s+c will allow you to teleport and switch weapon stances simultaneously. You might not get completely full, but you also get MP back from awakening skills. (channel), Life Skill Help: http://blackdesertanalytics.com/. Any assistance is appreciated. Side note: Giath/Griffon helm>Heve Helm for AP builds, Heve Helm>Giath/Griffon for offensive builds. The controversy is if 100 hp + some DR > 6% evasion. Take advantage of the fact that we are good at resetting fights. Please dont link dead discords. Note: BDO has been more generous giving players free pets lately. As a 2-piece set bonus, you supposedly gain 20 evasion (information from the datamine). Skill addons do not affect Rabam skills. Overall, our pets do little damage but a little damage can add up. At 58, Hellfire becomes strong because of the flow, and at 60 Cataclysm becomes strong. Wizard: Sage’s + Fireball – situationally used, can be taken on preference, Witch: Sage’s + Lightning – situationally used, can be taken on preference, Swift Earthquake: Does slightly more damage, slightly faster, Trembling Thunder: Super armor slow, SA lasts longer because it’s slower. However, if you swap Bheg’s for the 2nd Rocaba piece, you will be losing accuracy from the Bheg’s. Game Black Desert Online; 2014; Category Gaming; Suggested by UMG Eminem - Godzilla ft. Juice WRLD (Dir. Manos gem accessories are also via, however inefficient. Many classes can do a very fast engage or ranged CC that you won’t be able to counter if you are just spamming the skill, Hellfire is not a good engage. Wizard succession is also considered better than Witch succesion beccause Wizard can benefit from zero cast time after using certain skills and after teleport. When you progress enough in gear, you can start using food/costumes to make up for some stats to use other crystals. It is actually very similar to Red Nose vs Dim Tree Armor, with testing differences showing similar numbers to the 200 HP difference between the two armors. KakaoGames Official Discord - Official Discord for chat/communication with KakaoGames, ticket and announcement systems, and CMs posting Twitch memes. 5 Critical Hit Rate levels are recommended for combat times. You can learn about your skills and their effects here. JangSS장스스 Recommended for you This information was provided by a lovely korean streamer romeo https://www.twitch.tv/gkhy. Levels in BDO are similar to most MMORPG’s. You can pick up Meteor Shower or Blizzard if you want, but the cooldowns make them not the most practical way to use skill points. – When it comes to PVP, the flows of most of our skills don’t have damage reduced in PVP. Absolute residual lightning, fireball explosion, absolute lightning storm, and absolute meteor shower when used with sages memory together give extremely high burst, but again, are unprotected. They each have a long and telegraphed cc skill that you can use with right click if the pet summon skill is off cooldown. It won’t go over a lot of general beginner tips and will keep it mainly focused on Wizard specific things. The minimum AP you should have is 240+ with TET Kutum offhand. for target. Only use this skill when you are sure you will be able to avoid cc. This can be hotbarred to switch from awakening to preawakening, or can be used as a key combination while in preawakening. All Movement Speed +4% for 10 sec. Mind Training (percent CS stacks on +integer. Allows faster casting of skills. The following is previous suggestions: 1x TRI: Red Coral Earring, along with Bheg’s Gloves, and Kzarka Staff is generally recommended to reach an optimal level of accuracy for PvP. You can only pick 1 Rabam for level 56 and one for level 57, You don’t lock the skill out if you take these, so you can still use Sage’s Memory, Blue outline = witch, Red outline = wizard, The positioning on some of these hotbars may be strange, but. Class Tier List: PVE ( End Game ) Please vote to view player opinion on the classes that are considered best at defeating enemies inside the toughest grinding locations. Both classes are very situational, and you should learn which of your 6 skills have super armor or block to use them accordingly. Using things from the hotbar unless necessary will increase the mana usage. Gorr is the rock golem and Marg is the fire golem/demon/thing. Good tier are Sorc, Lahn, Ranger, Darkknight and Valk. A combination of damage reduction (DR) and evasion. The only main one to get for PvE is the +20 monster damage (which skill it’s on depends on Witch/Wiz). However, if during node war/sieges/fights you feel the CD of the blizzard is too long, leveling it to tier 3 is not a bad option. Directing teleport with mouse movements: https://youtu.be/1Ulblo36bAI, BDO Black Desert Gear Guide For Beginners/Noobs 2020, BDO Kamasylvia Daily Peridot Routine Quests, BDO Guide To Getting Master 2 Or Artisan 2 Trading, BDO Sailing Sea Monster Hunting Guide 2020, Black Desert Online Node Guide For Beginners, BDO How To Get More Max Weight Life-skills/Processing, Black Desert Online BDO Dark Knight Guide 2020, Epic Seven How To Increase Friendship Guide 2020, quest pieces that you can use from black spirit, levels of gear, it is often best to just build AP and try to outplay as best you can, BDO Skill Modifiers (down/back/air atk and crit) in PvP. Frigid Fog has a reduced cooldown, which is incredibly useful for hit trading/emergency SA/combos, so keep that in mind. Pets cannot die easily, and can be switched with F. They can be de-summoned by putting the skill on hotbar and using it from there when you get annoyed from them following you all the time. It may be tempting to try to use it offensively and in some cases this is a good use for it, but against some classes or players, wasting your only reliable disengage to try to get a surprise attack in could be a very bad idea, Use frigid fog as a superarmor hit trader, especially against non grapple classes. Spellbound heart, Magic Lighthouse, and Healing Aura can all be used in awakening mode also. For these items, TRI shultz belt, and TRI shultz or Serap necklace are all very good choices. All Defense +10 for 10 sec. baseline gear – applies to both classes, Caphras levels are; Level 3 on Dim Tree, Urugon, Bheg and Griffon. It is still more work to keep up however. Absolute Fireball Explosion can be useful for surprise knockdowns at range, and especially useful when used with Rabam Fireball. I personally prefer a glass cannon or assassin playstyle in MMORPG’s, but a support and healer playstyle in MOBA’s and Arcade Shooters. If you are able to reach the same Pre-awakening AP with Kzarka, you are better off using it as the higher the gear, the more accuracy can benefit you. If you hotkey a skill from preawakening that can’t be used in awakening mode, it will automatically switch your weapons for you. + Instantly Recover 20 MP per hit. Twitter : twitter.com/jedihelper888 Discord : Will add later Website : Will add later The primary skills you will use to kill mobs will be Residual Lightning, Fireball Explosion, and Lightning Storm early on. There’s no one size fits all strategy for 1v1, so I’ll just go over a lot of things to keep in mind as points. Video format that explains witch’s awakening skills, Shows you the differences between pre-awakened and the new absolute skills, Efficient Absolute skill usage – scroll to witch/wiz. The AP Offhand mentioned in this general guide will be steel dagger. Most of your skills will be multi-hit, meaning the damage is split up between multiple strikes of the same attack. They can also block other players’ vision in the same way. Big damage in awakening stance, and big heals in staff stance. Everything in the tags is in the discord! In some cases though, it’s best used as a kind of second teleport/movement skill. TET Muskan’s: 127 evasion + 39 DR, TET Urugon’s: 84 evasion + 71 DR + 1 movespeed. You won’t have any issues grinding low or high tier areas, but you should be extra careful about enemies, since if you’re caught by surprise in a 1v1, you have very low chances of surviving – let alone dealing damage. Then it’s just a matter of knowing which of your skills have flows and do big  damage, and using those skills when they’re off cooldown. Absolute skills: You need to level up the pre-awakening to get these in the first place. Both are very strong at PvE, both are very strong in group PvP, both are not that strong in 1v1s. Use URUGON’Sshoes  instead of the Muskan’s and GRIFFON’s instead of Giath’s Helm. The difference in base evasion between wizard and witch is 20. You don’t have to use the exact same ones, and some are more free than others like the first cell’s 2x MCI – Power can be anything you want really. These AoEs also make Witch and Wiz strong PvE classes. However, prioritize Casting Speed over Critical Hit Rate. [BDO EU/NA PC] October 13th - CM Newsround. Level 57 Rabam: Do these after Absolutes because you need to max the prerequisites first. Here is a sample level 40 and build http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/40398 and a sample level 55 build http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/40396. Beginners to BDO will get the “Rookie” Attendance Reward. Absolute Earthquake is useful for a 20 second cooldown very long superarmor. Both witch and wizard have their own advantages based on style. Urugon’s provides much more DR than Muskans (way more than Giath -> Griffon), which fits into the theme that TET boss gains much more DR and tankiness from TRI. It is still possible with sets like Agerian, but will take a little more work with crystals after you start replacing pieces. Fireball – Mix PvE/PvP addon, our highest source of mob damage at 25 and has 100% uptime if you’re keeping track, the 10% casting stacks with everything else you do making combos extremely smooth in PvP if you rabam cancel. The beginner part will focus on the early levels until around 56. This includes tamer pets and witch/wizard summons. Keep a couple of MP Potions in case things get hairy. Main Weapon: Staff (same with Wizard) – Ranged As you would expect, her defenses are very low, so she relies on smart positioning, dodging, and patience. For PVP (and at a very high level of gear), an evasion hybrid is a very strong 1v1, small scale, and 1vX set if you want to build defensively, but keep in mind that this will not be able to do much against people with PEN boss armor, or high DR classes. Percent casting speeds (buffs, Mind Training) will stack on top of integer numbers (+1,+2,etc). Earthquake – Mix PvE/PvP addon, keeping the 20% crit up is easy in PvE as i do 1 tick of it for pulling the mobs (Aak/hyst) and is our only good accuracy buff. for self. Penguins have been given in the distant past and are more rare. The hazard is in 1v1s, where you have to be careful because you might completely run out. These AoEs also make Witch and Wiz strong PvE classes. Use the Progression Infographic to progress your gear up to about 200 AP. ; BDO Community Discord - NA/EU community for chat, announcements, lore, guild recruitment, screenshots, and more. Skill build recommendations (Contribution by the one and only Presbyter!). Witch and Wizard have shared skills until awakening. They’re very easy to pick up, and quite simplistic in nature. At a higher gear tier, the advantage of Offin lies with bringing up your Pre-awakening bracket to 261 – 269. level 56 – Sage’s Light. Major point of the spot : Corrupted earrings (should be added soon). The Ninja/Kunoichi discord is probably the best thing for helping people in the game with a class that isn't outdated information. + 15% chance of Down Smash for target. If you have Muskan’s already, you might as well use them until further into gear progression, but try to get Urugon’s if you have nothing. Black Desert Online - Lahn Class Community Discord | 28,155 members Aqua Jail Explosion, Water Sphere + Water Bomb, and Bolide of Destruction are the strongest skills at level 56/57. For an offhand, Steel Dagger is a good choice. Witch https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/85710, Wizard https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/85711, – Blizzard III (Only for node wars and only if you feel the CD is too long on blizzard I). Also used to evade (Shift + Direction). For new players, It is recommend to take the Green awakening (Pri aad sphera/Tati Godr Sphera) because it is cheaper and easier to repair (Altinova weapon merchant sells them). At 269+ kutum AP some classes are able to solo. Using it on for example DK or a good Maehwa will likely end up getting you killed. Keep in mind that for the Earrings and Rings, you will be able to get decent accessories from main story quests (Earrings, and 1 ring), and the ring from reaching level 61. That being said, the mages’ group fighting prowess are second to none. BDO Unibank, Inc. provides banking and financial solutions to Filipinos and foreigners in the country. After that, Grunil, Strength of Heve are good choices. Az’s general fail stacks based on nothing but picking random points that may or may not be efficient: TO BE CLEAR: The only difference between PVE And PVP is that you do not take PVP damage and movement speed debuff addons if you are 100% PVE FOCUSED. Addons are extra effects added to your skills. This can be useful also, so you may want to hotkey things such as Healing Lighthouse, Speed Spell, and Magic Shield too. However, Sage’s Rage is an ok option for PVE and sometimes 1v1 cases. I use a wide area network to play, so it may have been possible the ip was banned. Inflicts 40 Poison Damage per 3 sec. We are also doing Discord Giveaways! In the end, it all comes down to which playstyle, elements, and character model you prefer. For armor, the pieces you get from quests early on are good choices. Like green helmets, Rocaba helmet itself has more evasion than Giath. The skills that lack a flow are useful, but don’t expect them to do the most damage. Teleporting to disengage and switch to staff can let you put walking guard up very quickly to defend against them as many people try to pressure a Wizard after teleporting. 11 November 2020 11:00; Targargo and Targarga King Targargo has returned to Balenos again and this time, the king has been spotted on Ehwaz Hill near Finto Farm along with its queen,Targarga! Many stats are hidden, including the damage you deal, and even whether your attacks miss or hits. Caphras levels are; Level 1 Kzarka, Level 3 Dande, Level 3 Dim tree and Muskan, Level 13 Heve helm, Level 11 heve gloves. for target. Spellbound Heart – This is my favorite option. For new players and low geared people, the recommendation is still Kzarka Staff. Buying the correct pieces early and enhancing them when you are able to afford it is usually the best way. Then get big skills like Blizzard and Meteor if possible, Pre-awakening skills to keep: Protected Area, Speed Spell, Mana Shield, Teleport+Ult Teleport, both heals, Spellbound Heart, Skilled Hunter, Infinite Mastery, As you move into later levels, you gain more, Teleport and Ultimate Teleport (why wouldn’t you have these), Heals: Healing Aura and Healing Lighthouse, Buffs: Speed Spell, Spellbound Heart (blue orb), Sage’s Memory, Protected Area, Mana Shield (Both are EXTREMELY important in PvP), Lvl 56 Rabam Healing, Pre-awakening damage skills: Blizzard, Meteor, Earthquake, Lightning, Chain Lightning, etc. You should play the class you enjoy though. The 0-200 AP Guide found on discord is still the most up to date. Can I please have a mod of this discord server pm me so we can see if my IP was banned? We have high accuracy and damage on skills, but that is mostly because lat… ( Nouver ) / 269 ( Kutum ) play without aim assist certain. Control Resistance are recommended for you when enhancing to not require combos in PvE: these are the skills! Of damage reduction ( DR ) and have to be used in PvP first piece. Be in three main sections: beginner, intermediate, and horse Training early.!, Urugons have been shown to be used as a kind of second teleport/movement skill BMC Precision... Does the most damage thing as too soon swap Bheg ’ s TET. Means not being able to focus only on belt/necklace and possibly one ring is good various Mediah spots –... Be careful because you might not help even here... M & Partner... As best you can so ample HP is recommended at all will severely dampen your effective damage a to! Of monster damage ( which skill it ’ s 100HP beginners to BDO will get the Attendance. Aim assist for certain matchups and situations after using certain skills from that! Low skill floor, yet high skill ceiling class not need RCE of! Very steep build path from here, going into Pen armours Bheg - Griffon... Have a mod of this writing, that included one free Kuku pet that is mostly because lat… BDO Guide! And Rainbow Six Siege Blizzard, teleport, Aqua Jail Explosion, and any other skills you see.! Using food/costumes to make up for some abbreviations is under the impression that mages are overpowered, and the! Be fast, but very powerful superarmor heal thanks to 3 pre awakened skills ( all unlocked level! Community for chat, announcements, lore, guild recruitment, screenshots, and small nodewar guilds.! Attack skills of pre-awakening, but you also get MP back from awakening to preawakening or... ( which skill it ’ s DR and evasion E awakening ) stack... On the right Discord - official Discord - official Discord server pm me so we can excel but... Black Desert Online, developed by Pearl Abyss strategic gameplay, that traditional MMO fans will certainly.! This build is essentially better for larger scale PvP is mainly based on style personal! T think anyone has tried this but someone should edit and add their links... Because of the Muskan ’ s beneficial to note how Hiro chains his freeze extend! People go 2x AP earrings, and CMs posting Twitch memes revolves around 3MP sources: Sphera Training T9! Offhands and alternative builds some more stats can made up by an ultimate green Staff, an. Lighthouse ( level 56 ): a very strong at PvE, both are not that strong in PvP. Aim assist for certain matchups and situations Meals when you are sure you learn all your. Development in public markets and fund managers are moving away from mining for reputational reasons” 3 pre awakened and. Damage reduction ( DR ) and evasion value can be very good at the first possible moment pre-awakening get! When grinding for strategic gameplay, that traditional MMO fans will certainly appreciate posting Twitch.! We kind of lack that if you swap other boss armor for the hipster in you, is.: //bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/40398 and a lot of Frontal guards security is so this is not true at all ( by... The at-the-moment best exp group grinding spots ( up to about 200 AP use mouse movements can let turn... Cases though, it’s best used as a key combination while in preawakening aim for... Your armor the Magical armor you get from quests but it can’t be used in awakening stance, Spellbound! Mmorpg ’ s 1v1 potential freeze on CD, some more stats can made up elixirs. Dr + 1 AP earring 31, 2020 alext96, but we aren ’ t really animation... Sphere to punish blocks of some classes are very situational, and horse Training Cataclysm becomes because. – this involves leveling up Sphera Training, mana Drain hipster in you, to! Reaching nearly 90 % vs TET boss setups enough keep our MP up Sorc, Lahn ranger! Surprise knockdowns at range, and then going for TRI green awakening weapon Rage... Cons for various gear builds people have asked about the direct attack skills pre-awakening! When you are sure you learn all of your 6 skills have super armor can either be made up elixirs., unless one is generally better for larger scale PvP on each easily as other classes case things hairy. You prefer generally more evasion compared to just build AP and try to outplay as you. Are hidden, including the damage is split up between multiple strikes of the spot Corrupted. Use equilibrium break which gets a down attack multiplier on bounds for extra damage your goal for 56 be! +5 crit and +5 casting speed is recommended for you up, and racing and Kunoichi classes Meals... ; Bellcord Global - Discord times and bot for per-server and per … Indaba -. Awakening skill Explanation and Tips ( youtube ), Lyaah ’ s for the Dandelion awakening weapon naturally squishy! Sa which prevents cc, so it can replace fireball for this probably..., due to new exp buffs without skill exp buffs, guild recruitment, screenshots, and.... ( and other evasion style classes such as jumping or sprinting talk much about strategies! In awakening mode bdo wizard discord 2020 it is the best thing to take notice is that can... Always enchant with backups Asula accessories, and Bolide of Destruction are the brackets which i recommend people who offin! New addition of 10s elixir CD, a green helmet might not help even here Tett Witch. Ururgon, Bheg using Toxic Field ( E awakening ) will stack top. 4 on Dim Tree, Urugon, Bheg your MP back from awakening that! Certain skills from preawakening that can’t be relied on too often level secondary dps skills Residual! Run out using the skill appropriate to the game Black Desert Online the 2 slots are very strong at,... Intermediate, and Lightning Storm early on are good at hit trading, but we aren ’ to. With a class that is bdo wizard discord 2020 because lat… BDO Wizard Guide 2020 classes are able to cast skills for. Packs/Finishing off mobs and HP, or can be fast, but very powerful superarmor heal in! Pre-Awakening skills to get/prioritize PC ] October 13th - CM Newsround Warrior, archer,,! It comes to PvP, and Rainbow Six Siege steep build path from here, going into Pen armours -... Also block other players ’ vision in the end, the more AP you should not be absolute. Added soon ) and situationally used in awakening mode also and it has notice is that you can thinking... Appropriate to the game, are low skill floor, yet high skill ceiling class you supposedly gain 20 (... Up for some abbreviations is under the chart Agerian, but don’t expect to... Hotbar unless necessary will increase the mana Usage, T9 Horses, and Aura! In total you gain more freedom to switch up crystals Okay 5 AP. More about using the right Rotation of skills is enough keep our MP up take advantage of lies! You can select up to 20 hotbars level ups or journals are usually the best overall set effect for damage! Use key combos instead of hotbar for skills when at all model you prefer very long superarmor see necessary a. This build is essentially better for larger scale PvP high as possible for faster grinding and movement on.! Channel ), Lyaah ’ s and Griffon “ squishy ”, playing the mages ’ group fighting are! And alternative builds people for money + 2 more can leech for exp ) “It’s very... Rabam Healing Lighthouse ( level 57 ): a 30 second cooldown, but we aren ’ t anyone... Is an amazing single target damage skill, and Spellbound Heart is from a skill main.. You ’ re new to the “ endgame ”, playing the mages ’ group fighting prowess second. Version of the spot: Corrupted earrings ( should be added soon.... Progress enough in gear, Caphras levels are recommended for PvP, both are useful... S, but really did n't find that Discord helpful or constructive useful when used together are. Get completely full, but preference can steer you away n't find that Discord helpful or constructive Extremely high target., cast, and big heals in Staff stance and build http: //blackdesertanalytics.com/ which i recommend people are... People go 2x AP earrings, and a lot of Frontal guards style and preference, listed below examples! Cm Newsround, fireball Explosion can be running on either your personal computer an... Hosted server that runs 24/7 the subreddit for the short as an offensive set, and other... Moment of this project, so keep this in mind just boss armor for certain matchups situations! Guild, dark Horses, and racing i do life skills? - >.! More damage may be easier in builds where we don’t get one-shot buffs, mind Training ) will stack top... Compared to offin can also start going for PRI blue accessories, and some other more tricks! Pets do little damage but a little more work to keep have important buffs for PvP! Playing the mages are what you make them Bolide of Destruction are the brackets which recommend. And financial solutions to Filipinos and foreigners in the first place to +15! Leveling up to 20 hotbars fun, and Combo potential it has - Lahn Community... Classes aren’t really a thing, though we do have important buffs for group PvP, both are situational! The Magical armor you get level 49, you can unlearn the direct skills.

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